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Disclosure Agreement

Download a printable copy of our Disclosure Agreement here.

In consideration of requesting service(s) from Kingdom Plumbing, LLC it is agreed as follows:

Kingdom Plumbing Disclosure Agreement:

In consideration of requesting service(s) from KINGDOM PLUMBING LLC, it is agreed as follows:

KINGDOM PLUMBING, LLC Disclosure Agreement

General Conditions:

The work to be done by the KINGDOM PLUMBING, LLC hereunder will be done with the regular KINGDOM PLUMBING, LLC equipment and methods, which methods do not include excavation. If it is found during the cleaning process that the drainage tile or any of the inside lines, or other lines being serviced under this agreement are settled, broken, deteriorated, damaged or are of such construction or condition as to make impracticable in the opinion of the KINGDOM PLUMBING, LLC technician to clean the line safely. and properly with such equipment and methods. the KINGDOM PLUMBING, LLC shall not be held responsible for such discovered conditions, and any repairs to said lines shall be done by and at the expense of the CUSTOMER. After being notified that the nec­essary repairs are completed, the KINGDOM PLUMBING, LLC will complete the cleaning as provided in this agreement. If such neces­sary repairs are not completed within a reasonable time, the obligation of the KINGDOM PLUMBING, LLC to complete the cleaning shall be deemed waived by the CUSTOMER, and the CUSTOMER shall pay KINGDOM PLUMBING, LLC a reasonable charge for services rendered.

The KINGDOM PLUMBING, LLC is not responsible for damage to the premises caused by the removal of the CLEAN-OUT, DRAIN COVER, OR CAP which is removed in the process of servicing the lines. It is found that a CLEAN-OUT OR DRAIN COVER OR CAP is so rusted or fastened as to necessitate its replacement after removal, the KINGDOM PLUMBING, LLC shall so notify the CUSTOMER and if the CUSTOMER authorizes the replacement such replacement, shall be made at an additional charge for the replacement of COVER OR CAP and the labor for its installation. If the CUSTOMER refuses to authorize such replacement, the KINGDOM PLUMBING, LLC SHALL NOT BE RESPONSIBLE for damage thereafter resulting from sewer gas, back-ups or leakage through such cover, cap or opening due to rain and/or other causes.


The KINGDOM PLUMBING, LLC shall not be responsible for the cleaning of or damage to leaky or defective traps, hidden or unknown lead piping, improper or faulty plumbing, rusted or defective pipes, corrosion or unusual restrictions due to mineral or hard water buildup, harmful cleaning chemicals such as sulfuric or caustic acids, lines which are settled, broken, deterio­rated or damaged. If during the cleaning process, fixtures are damaged or broken or defective or corroded drainage tiles, or lines are broken or it the KINGDOM PLUMBING, LLC'S equipment becomes lodged in any such defective lines, tiles, piping or plumb­ing and cannot be practically removed without excavation, the KINGDOM PLUMBING, LLC shall not be liable for the removal of said equipment or for the repairs or replacement of such fixtures, tiles, piping or plumbing. This agreement covers only the items as listed on the reverse hereof, and the installed plumbing arrangements existing on the date hereof. Gross replacement, landscape damage, wall patching, painting, tile replacement concrete replacement or any other type of damage done which is necessary to complete the job is the responsibility of others unless specifically stated otherwise. KINGDOM PLUMBING, LLC is not responsible for undisclosed underground utilities and repairs under the slab are not guaranteed.

Conditions or Guarantee:

The GUARANTEE covers interim backup drainage failure of only the lines as serviced hereunder due to normal use, where a backup condition exists in pipes serviced, and for the period of time as stated on reverse hereof. In the event of such drainage failure during the term of the GUARANTEE the KINGDOM PLUMBING, LLC will barring an inability to do so caused by an event beyond its reasonable control (INCLUDING, BUT NOT LIMITED TO STRIKES, FIRE. FLOOD, CASUALTY, OR GOVERNMENT REGULATIONS, ORDERS OR RESTRICTIONS), furnish its services to remedy such failure as readily and as promptly as possible during normal working hours, but in no event shall the KINGDOM PLUMBING, LLC be held liable for water or other damage to the property of the CUSTOMER by reason of any delay. Any GUARANTEE issued on any inside lines or main line shall cover any damage failure due to normal usage and shall not cover stoppages caused by intervening structural defects in the lines or stoppages caused by rags, newspaper, or other objects not usually or customarily dis­posed of through the drainage system. If, during the GUARANTEE PERIOD, the KINGDOM PLUMBING, LLC finds that the stoppage was caused by such defects or abnormal use, then the KINGDOM PLUMBING, LLC shall have the right to make an additional charge based upon reasonable value of the service rendered in removing such stoppage.

PLUMBING: GUARANTEE limited on products to the manufacturers GUARANTEE, labor for replacement would be charged. Any other GUARANTEE will be stated on the reverse hereof.

THIS AGREEMENT, together with the provisions and conditions on the reverse hereof, embodies the entire agreement of the parties, and THERE ARE NO PROMISES, TERMS, CONDITIONS OR OBLIGATIONS, ORAL OR WRITTEN, REFERRING TO THE SUBJECT MATTER HEREOF, OTHER THAN AS CONTAINED HEREIN.

In the event CUSTOMER fails to make payment according to the terms and conditions appearing on the reverse side hereof, the KINGDOM PLUMBING, LLC may charge interest on the unpaid balance at the highest permissible legal rate. of interest allowed by the STATE on the average unpaid balance. In the event, in the sole, judgement of the KINGDOM PLUMBING, LLC, it becomes necessary to institute legal action to collect said unpaid balance, the KINGDOM PLUMBING, LLC shall be entitled to a judgement for the unpaid balance, accrued interest and reasonable attorneys' fees incurred in such legal action as allowed by STATE law.

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